Abdulrahman Smail Ibrahim


Born and growing up in Halsho town in the Kurdistan region. I studied primary in school Halsho, secondary in school Halsho and high school in Qalat Dizah Preparatory. In 2007 I began to study at Sulaimani University College of Agriculture in Horticulture Department (Kurdistan – Iraq), and graduated in 2011. (2011-2013) teaching Halsho Basic School as a contractor. In 2014 I began to study master’s degree at Yuzuncu Yil University Plant Biotechnology Department (Turkey), and graduated in 2016. 2016-2017 Main activities and responsibilities, teacher as a contractor at University of Raparin - Faculty of Science - Department of Biology, Kurdistan. In 2017 began to study Ph.D. at Van Yuzuncu Yil University in Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture on investigation of reactions of lake Van basin’ bean genotypes against some BCMV strains by molecular and classical methods, and graduated in 2021. (2021-2022) doing Academic Research Traineeship at University of the Azores Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. In 2022 started work as s contractor at Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feeding, Faculty of Animal Science and Environment, University of the Azores, Portugal.


Molecular, Genetics, Virology and Animal Nutrition.

Publicações Selecionadas

Abdulrahman Smail IBRAHIM,  Ceknas ERDINÇ. 2020. Determination of Genetic Relations among Tomato Accessions in Sulaymaniyah Region through ISSRs Markers Genetic Relations in Tomato Accessions. Yuzuncu Yil University Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 30, Issue 4, 31-12, 2020. 10.29133/yyutbd.755083.

Aynur Sadak, Abdulrahman Smail Ibrahim, Suat Sensoy 2021. Effects of Endophytice Bacteria Applications on Pepper Seedlings Growth of under Different Drought-Stress Conditions. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(7): 1277-1282.